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Everyone has a story and I want to share mine with you!  Since I was a sophomore in college, I had been asked to join several Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies, but my response was always the same, “No way!”  I had no desire to become a ‘salesperson’, because I always felt they were too pushy.  Who would ever want to buy from a pushy person?

In 2005, I finally agreed to host a jewelry party in my home and the representative offered to give the party to me if I would join her team.  It was a great party and I earned enough to pay for the $1000 kit AND put another $200 in my pocket!!  That extra $200 for just one party paid for my son’s competitive soccer for the entire month!  I suddenly realized that this industry really had something to offer – even to skeptical me!!

I stayed with that Direct Sales company for over 7 years, earning numerous jewelry awards, substantial income, and paid vacations all over the world!  Then I discovered the world of Network Marketing and the power of residual and leveraged income!  What a wonderful world it is!  Helping a team of people accomplish their goals, helps me accomplish mine!  This business model is exceptional and rarely exists in the corporate world.  Indeed, maintaining a corporate or retail job, working 40+ hours a week, building someone else’s dream, is what most of America and the world is doing.  Yet, more and more, adults and youth alike are considering having their own home-based business and making their own dreams come true!

A big shift occurred in me when my father became very ill in 2016.  I began searching for natural remedies to help him with his health. In doing so, I realized that if people don’t have their health, they don’t care much about anything else. I became passionate about helping people get healthy.  I found a company that had great nutritional products and made the switch in 2017 to a brand new company called Vasayo.  How nutrients are absorbed by the body makes a big difference in how effective they are for us.  Vasayo has found an ingenious way through liposomal technology to make a huge difference in the nutritional world. 

My passion truly is to help people!  Whether I help them get well with my products, get financially free with my business opportunity, or get educated through my blog, I truly want to do all I can to show entrepreneurs that this industry is so valuable and they can have incredible success in it! 

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